Yuki Bot Privacy Policy

Last modified: 4/7/2024

Yuki is a Discord bot service provided by Yuki Network.

Yuki collects the following information during its use:

What we collect and what we do with we do

Yuki stores the content of messages temporarily into memory when message logging is enabled to provide the differences between edited messages and show the content of deleted messages. This also includes the Message ID, Channel ID, and Server ID of any edited and deleted message. For instance, if a message is deleted, Yuki will run through and log the contents to the logging channel (where enabled), and will immediately remove the message information (Message ID, Message content, etc.) from memory.

How we use the data collected

We use the data collected to provide, operate, and maintain Yuki. WE DO NOT SHARE ANY DATA WITH THIRD PARTIES. WE DO NOT SELL YOUR DATA.

How to remove your data

When Yuki is removed from a server, any in-memory messages will be immediately wiped and server settings will be automatically removed within 72 hours (in case of an accidental remove).

You may also contact the maintainer at inyix (on discord) or by email at [email protected].

Where the data is processed

The data collected will be processed in United States of America.